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Things you want to make sure to bring on a tropical vacation

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Information and Tips for Traveling Abroad

Things you want to make sure to bring on a tropical vacation

Valuable Website Links

CDC Notices

Information from the Center for Disease Control.

Health Abroad

CDC information on staying healthy and safe while traveling.


Everything you need to know about applying for & renewing passports.

Travel Warnings

U.S. travel advisories and warnings will be listed here.

U.S. Embassy

Register your trip with the U.S. Embassy at your destination.

Currency Converter

Convert U.S. dollars into the currency rate of your destination.

Marriage Abroad

How to get legally married in a foreign country.

Safety Abroad

Things to do to keep safe while traveling internationally.

Traveler's Checklist

What to do before traveling internationally.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements and general information for all countries.

Medical Conditions

TSA procedures for travelers with disabilities and medical conditions.

STEP Registration

Allows U.S. citizens and nationals to get through immigration faster.

TSA Prohibited Items

List of items prohibited by the Transport Security Administration.